Best Charcoal Grills For RV – Best Portable Grills Reviews In 2021

Getting the best charcoal grills for RV is a kind of tricky challenge. All of the charcoal grills for RV claim to be outperforming, quality, and promising. By choosing the right charcoal grill, you’ll be sure that you and your family enjoy your picnics and outings. A good charcoal grill for RV should be always ready for transport and be portable to move on the go.

Finding a grill that will suit your RV and manage to excel grilling tasks is pretty much hefty. To achieve that, we have carefully chosen some of the best charcoal grills for RV.

Base on our tests and experience, the best charcoal grills for RV are:

  1. Weber Go-Anywhere – Our Top Pick
  2. Lodge Cast-Iron Sportsman Charcoal Grill – Highly Durable
  3. Old Smokey Charcoal Grill #22 – Vintage Styled
  4. Weber 40020 Smokey Joe Premium Charcoal Grill 14 inchesBest Weber Alternative
  5. Char-Griller Box Charcoal Grill – Best RV Charcoal Grill

Forget about wasting your money on just another rumored best grill for RV that needs to be replaced in a single trip. All of these grills are the result of months of research and tests. These are handpicked grills that withstand quality, versatility, performance, durability, value for money and other tests.

Best RV Charcoal Grill – Handpicked RV Grills 2020

People find it really difficult to choose the best RV charcoal grill which is portable at the same place. There are times when you might end up shortlisting a particular grill for RV but it will miss quite a few essential features. Even if you are lucky enough to find a grill that meets all of your needs, it might lack built quality. These factors directed towards the necessity of a guide about the best charcoal grills for RV.


Furthermore, many RV owners have emailed us about writing an informative guide to buy a charcoal grill for RV. So, we are here to write an in-depth guide assisting you to buy a perfect charcoal grill for your RV. Read on, since I’ll be covering handpicked charcoal grills for RV along with their pros & cons. I’ll also include a guide and things to keep in mind while buying a charcoal grill for your RV.

Here are our quick picks with out the details for..

Top 4 Best Charcoal Grills For RV

Best Charcoal Grills For RV

Weber Go-Anywhere – Rated Best Charcoal Grills For RV

As the name suggests, Weber Go-Anywhere charcoal grill is one of the most portable and as well as performer grill. This grill can let you travel with a taste of home while spending your time going somewhere else, this grill holds you back even while on the road.

Weber Go-Anywhere has a couple of features that make it a perfect choice for tailgating, outing or hosting a party anywhere outside the home. It is so portable that you can carry it in your hand like a toolbox.

The porcelain-enameled surface is resistant to rust. Furthermore, it features a triple plated nickel grate which offers 160 square inches of cooking surface. The lid and the bottom come with dual dampers for temperature control.

The measurements of this grill are 15 x 12 x 21 inches, made in such a way that there are no nuts or bolts. It offers in-built lid hangers for protection, features double-sided carrying handles. Above all, the Weber Go-Anywhere is ready to use as soon as you receive it since it doesn’t require any assembly.

ama 1 Best Charcoal Grills For RV - Best Portable Grills Reviews In 2021

Old Smokey Charcoal Grill #22

If you are looking for a portable charcoal grill for RV with actual abilities to perform everything you’d expect from a charcoal grill then Old Smokey Charcoal Grill would be the perfect choice for you.

The 22 in its name stands for 22 inches, however, there are two more variants 14 and 18 inches. The measure for this particular model is 22.5 x 22.5 x 13, weighing only 13 pounds. The assembly part takes 15 mins only with the use of a screwdriver.

The built is taken care of with rust-free aluminized steel, wooden handles, chrome hardware, aluminum grates and handles. Since the aluminum built is properly implemented, this grill gives you assurance of amazing durability.

As far as the looks are concerned, this grill might appear like two washtubs joint together. However, most of people love OSS22’s appearance as this look goes well with the task it does.

The design inspired by a barrel holds smoke and heat around your food, which further enhances the flavor. The gates are placed high above the charcoal sitting area, this reduces the risk of burns and also makes it the only grill with the ability to grill turkeys and roast beer can chicken.

While testing out this grill we found out that this grill is very safe even in windy days due to its low center of gravity. In our test, we used this grill in our RV daily for grilling poultry, meats, fish, and vegetables, the food turned out to be delicious every time.

So if you are a fan of vintage stuffs and like things to be in its original format then, for you Old Smokey charcoal grill is one of best charcoal grills for RV.

ama 1 Best Charcoal Grills For RV - Best Portable Grills Reviews In 2021

Weber 40020 Smokey Joe Premium Charcoal Grill – 14 Inches

With the name of Weber, durability and quality are expected; most of its owners have this still running for 15 years. Still for your peace of mind, this comes with an amazing 10 years of Warranty.

One of its major part of this charcoal grill for RV is its carrying handle, it folds down to the side clip to rest. This again provides additional space to place the lid. Despite taking up less space, this portable charcoal grill for RV does everything which a regular-sized grill would do. The complete body of Weber Smokey Joe Premium Charcoal Grill is made of high-grade steel and can withstand decades.

Despite being portable you can use it for small gatherings at your lawn or even while grilling multiple steaks at once. While coming across this grill for the first time, we didn’t expect much but to our surprise, it has porcelain-enameled lid and bowl. This again makes sure that your portable charcoal grill retains high temperature and doesn’t rust or peel.

This particular charcoal grill for RV is loved by many, and people who bought this grill are huge fans of what it offers at this price. We would highly recommend this grill if you’re looking for a grill that suites indoor as well as outdoor needs.

ama 1 Best Charcoal Grills For RV - Best Portable Grills Reviews In 2021

Char-Griller Box Charcoal Grill – Best RV Charcoal Grill

Despite being made of heavy stainless steel, the company has managed to keep its weight down to 39 pounds. Considering its small size and less weight, Char-Griller Box becomes one of the best charcoal grills for RV. The complete grill is made of heavy stainless steel, which gives it an edge when it comes to transportation without being damaged en-route.

With 250 square inches of grilling space and amazing cast-iron grates having sufficient thickness makes sure that even moist steaks taste as if a professional BBQ has grilled you a steak. The heat control is amazingly responsive and you might wonder how can dampers perform so well in such a small and portable grill.

Assembly of Char-Griller Box cannot even be called a process since it gets delivered as almost fully assembled. This amazing grills offers dual usage feature but comes with a drawback. If you already have Char-Griller Pro Delux, Outlaw, Duo or Wrangler; you can attach Char-Griller Box as a side firebox for seamless smoking. However, as mentioned earlier, there is a drawback that once you switch Char-Griller Box to the firebox, you cannot use it as a grill again. But since you want suggestions about best charcoal grills RV, you don’t want to use this grill as a firebox because it would become a smoker forever and will lose it’s portability as well.

Cleaning this grill becomes super easy with an easily removable ashtray, so that doesn’t spend much time with the boring cleanup process. Not to forget, the grill is porcelain-enameled so the residue comes out with a single wipe.

ama 1 Best Charcoal Grills For RV - Best Portable Grills Reviews In 2021

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F.A.Q. About Best Charcoal Grills For RV

Can I use these charcoal grills in my Kitchen or Backyard?

Absolutely yes, apart from being perfect for RV, all of these grills are also suitable for use in the kitchen and get together in the backyard.

Can these charcoal grills for RV be used for tailgating?

Yes, these grills are specially designed to be perfectly fit for tailgating, RVing, outings, picnics, and whatnot.

How to store these grills when not in use?

All of the grills are small in size, you can possibly store them anywhere. But for prolonging life, it is recommended to store these grills away from the rain and remain in cover always.

Can these grills be used for BBQs and steaks?

Yes, all of these grills are multifunctional and can be used for almost every grilling and BBQ’s needs. No wonder why we have rated them as the best RV charcoal grill.

How long these grills would last if they are used on a regular basis?

All of these grills are made from high-grade materials and are built to last. Even if you use these grills regularly, it should last generations.

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