About Us


I’m Dave Knightly and I love to grill. There is nothing better than kicking back on a summer’s day, with your family and cooking up a feast.

I’m semi-retired now but worked for many years as a butcher. Had my own shop in the middle of town and would spend many weekends lakeside with my family and friends just enjoying life.

I love using a charcoal grill. The smoky flavor of a juicy steak, fat sausages that split like a cauliflower ear and corn cooked in their husks. Charcoal gives such a great flavor and texture to meats and vegetables that you just can’t get on gas barbecues.


The secret to a great steak? Get the coals really hot.

A good barbecue needs time. Time to place the charcoal in the right position so the heat is distributed evenly. Time to let the charcoal rise to an extreme heat. Time to then let the charcoal smolder slightly. Now add your meat. This sears the outside quickly and that traps all the juices inside the flesh. If you have a hood on your grill – keep it on while the meat is cooking.

Once your meat is cooked, place it in a tray and cover it for about 8-10 minutes to rest. This keeps the meat moist and piping hot. While your meat is resting add your vegetables or any other foods you would like cooked on the grill. This way everything will be ready to eat at the same time.

A hot smoky feast that the whole family will enjoy.

I hope you enjoy reading about the best charcoal grills. Try and get the best quality charcoal grill you can afford. Look after it – keep it clean and covered, if possible and you should get many years of great barbecue cooking.