Finding the Best BBQ Tongs for your Charcoal Grill

Are you looking for the best BBQ tongs for your charcoal grill? Tongs that actually clamp together on your steak when trying to pick it up.

There is nothing worse than BBQ tongs that come together like 2 four year olds trying to do a “high five” and just getting air swings! Our detailed review will show you which are the best BBQ tongs to last you many summer feasts.

We all know that barbecues are one of the most popular ways of making the most out of summer. At the first hint of warm weather, you will find grilling buffs unearthing their grill from storage and looking for the best meats they can throw on that barbecue. 

Needless to say, your grill and your meats are not enough. It is crucial to have the right tools, and BBQ tongs for charcoal grilling are one of them.  

You need them to handle your burgers, steaks, and veggies safely and easily. However, you may argue that a fork and a spatula can do an adequate job of flipping the food.  

Barbecue enthusiasts will tell you that a pair of the BBQ tongs will make your life simpler and easier. They will also tell you that if you want to be serious about barbecues, grill tongs are a must-buy. They make cooking and grilling fun for everyone, including the chef.  

Our years of grilling and barbecuing have led us to a few of the best bbq tongs available today. All you need to do is read on. We have also provided a few pointers on how to choose the BBQ tongs that are best for you.

BEST BBQ TONGS 1 Finding the Best BBQ Tongs for your Charcoal Grill

Things to Consider When Buying the Best BBQ Tongs 

There are 3 very basic things you should look for if you want to have the best BBQ tongs you can lay your hands on. 

  1. Sturdy construction  

Look for BBQ tongs that have solid stainless-steel construction that assures durability and corrosion resistance.  They also need to be able to close properly around your steak or other hot food items.

  1. The right length 

Most of the time, the longer the tongs are, the better they will be in keeping your hands away from the heat. But you also do not want tongs that are so long, its strength is compromised. Inferior products will tend to bend with a little weight, and you do not want your food to fall to the floor, now do you? 

  1. Safe handles 

It is also important that your BBQ tongs have handles that are non-slip to allow you to grip them comfortably. They also need to provide adequate insulation for your protection, as well. Silicone is one very popular option. 

Here are our quick picks without the details for..

Best BBQ Tong for Charcoal Grill

 BBQ Tongs, 17 Inch Extra Long Tongs 

These extra long tongs from Daily KISN are excellent stainless steel BBQ tongs that come at a very affordable price range to fit your budget. They are great for barbeques, grilling, cooking and buffet-serving.

The extra long tongs are 17 inches in length to keep your hands away from the charcoal grill. They feature brushed stainless-steel tips, and a lock ring to close the tongs and hang them up for easy storage. 

They are equipped with non-slip silicone grips that are heat-resistant up to 480 degrees F, microwave-compatible, and dishwasher-safe. 

The stainless-steel construction of these tongs and the length are the features most users loved about them. Picking up a big juicy steak or a barbequed split chicken is no problem. 

The silicone grips are FDA-approved, and you can use them in 500-600 degree F temperatures with no issues at all. 

These outstanding features plus its lifetime warranty assure you these may be the best bbq tongs you may find in the market today. 

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ama 5 Finding the Best BBQ Tongs for your Charcoal Grill

304 Stainless Steel BBQ Tongs Set of 2 

The 304 Stainless Steel Set of 2 BBQ Tongs are indicative of Allwin-Houseware’s ideals of high-quality products with simple and practical concepts. 

The set of 2 consists of a 9-inch and a 11-inch pair of tongs. The 9-inch is great for all-around cooking and serving, while the 11-inch is just about right for keeping your hands away from the heat while grilling. 

These BBQ tongs are constructed from high-quality stainless-steel with a brushed steel finish and a non-slip silicone grip. They are equipped with a pull-ring technology that prevents the tongs from opening and closing accidentally while in use. 

The stainless-steel construction is corrosion-resistant, the brushed steel tips are heat-resistant up to 1500 degrees F, while the silicone grip up to 500 degrees F. 

In line with their other products, Allwin-Houseware gives these tongs a lifetime guarantee. 

The all stainless steel BBQ tong is perfect for charcoal grills and summer barbeques.

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ama 5 Finding the Best BBQ Tongs for your Charcoal Grill

There are many different types of BBQ tongs that you can use for your Charcoal Grill.

You do need long tongs for grilling for safety reasons and BBQ tongs are usually made quite sturdy so you can pick up larger pieces of meat without bending. Use smaller tongs for salads.

Using this guide you will be able to find the best BBQ tongs for your charcoal grill.