Best Charcoal Grill For Steaks – Reviewed In 2019

If you are looking for the best charcoal grill for steaks then the hunt for perfect grill might take you in different directions. Since there are various ways to cook a perfect steak, you might be confused about which grill to buy for steaks. So, in this article, we are listing down well researched and tried out charcoal grills for steak in every budget.

best charcoal grill for steaks

List Of Best Charcoal Grill For Steaks

Weber Kettle Grills – Classic Charcoal Grills

Weber Kettle Grills are the most selling grills of all time because they are built to grill your steaks to perfection. All of the grills under Weber’s brand name are porcelain enameled and come with 10 years of warranty. Once you buy a weber, it is very unlikely that you would seek grills of another brand.

While PK Grills are the official grills of many associations and grilling competition, but we have seen people grilling on Weber and win. I believe why PK grills are the first choice for steaks is because they are easy to transport, and I must say PK has an edge when it comes to transportation.

When you are down to buy a Weber grill then the 22 inches or 26 inches are the variants you want to go for. Since the 36 inches variant seems overpriced and the 18 inches variant is quite small for grilling steaks.

The direct heat, precise temperature control, and world-class porcelain enameled surface are just a few of the many reasons for opting for Weber grills. There are quite of useful accessories available when you own a Weber grill, one of them is Slow and Sear. This accessory allows you to grill your steak at very slow and low or high and intense.

PK Charcoal Grills – Loved By Professional Steak Grillers

Best Charcoal Grill For Steaks

PK Grills have their own fan base, they are made of rustproof cast aluminum and are built to last decades. The thick aluminum casting is able to withstand constant high temperatures for cooking a perfect barbeque. PK Grills has been engineered and mastered over 60 years which itself describes how much promising this grill is. The engineers and designers have taken care of every detail and made this grill next to perfect in its job.

The vintage look of PK Grills gives you an amazing first impression. Steaks cooked on PK grills have an original flavor and have smoke-infused texture. This grill is capable of cooking pounds of steak at one go and giving the same exotic taste in each one of them. Another amazing thing about PK grills is it’s cast aluminum structure which lasts through generations.

The 4 point venting system on the Original PK Charcoal Grill along with its unique structure is ideal for both direct and indirect cooking. This further allows exceptional airflow inside the cooking area. Maintaining constant precise heat wasn’t easy in most of the other grills.

This grill is loved by people who like to camp, PK Grills are designed in such a way that it goes perfect while tailgating. Furthermore, they are also suitable for weekend gatherings in your backyard.

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